2 Voices 10 Fingers

Two Countries
One Performance 
Two artists. Two very different lives. One from Singapore; one a world away in Philadelphia. One with extensive training; one self-taught. Two worlds and perspectives unite in 2Voices10Fingers: The Next Song.

 Thanks to all who attended:
2Voices10Fingers: The Next Song Concert
on January 11, 2013 at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia

Inside the Heart Interactive Workshop
on Sunday, January 13 at the Walnut St. Theatre

We were thrilled to see you at our events!

 2Voices10Fingers is sponsored by:

Our online fundraising campaign successfully ended on November 15.  Our goal was $7,500.  As of December 20, we have raised over $8,000! 

 Click for our list of generous supporters here

Without themthis event wouldn't have been possible.

 We told donors who gave at the Friend level that we'd share their websites with you, so check out what these generous Friends are doing:



Cinema Quilt  has created an amazing webisode series following the story of Heidi and Jiu Jian.  View Episode Four below. 

Click here for Episode Three - 


Click here for Episode 2 - http://youtu.be/X6sguLmcTxY

Click here for Episode 1 - http://youtu.be/UMQFDIGykik

Jiu Jian on Heidi:

 I observed Heidi's musical theatre class at Walnut Street Theatre in 2009 . At that moment I told myself: " I must have the the chance to learn with this lady." The rest is history. Having Heidi as one of my best friends, vocal coach and mentor really opened up the later part of my music career. She is ever so energetic and positive and most important , connects and share her knowledge in music and creativity with her students in a very special way!

Heidi on Jiu Jian:

I met Jiu Jian Kenn in the summer of 2009, when he observed a music theatre class I teach at the Walnut St. Theatre School in Philadelphia. After observing the class, Jiu Jian arranged to take a voice lesson with me. We hit it off immediately.

At the end of Jiu Jian's visit, he handed me a CD of his Mandarin musical, Butterfly Dreams.  About a week after he returned to Singapore, I sat down to listen and was immediately transfixed. Here was a sound, a combination of voice, instruments, melody, rhythm and language that I had never heard before. This sound reached into my soul and would not let go. Suddenly, I recognized an tremendous opportunity had been presented to me when Jiu Jian Kenn walked into that class. I had to work with this guy. And I have.  In Singapore in June of 2010.  And I will.  In Philadelphia this December.

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